Unveiling the Future of Ear Cleaning: NE3’s Smart Otoscope Revolutionizes Ear Care!

Wireless Smart Otoscope Ear Cleaner NE3 Ear Wax Removal Tool with Camera Ear Endoscope 1080P Kit for iPhone iPad Android

NE3 Wireless Otoscope

Natfire ne3 upgraded on the basis of previous generation. The product is fully FCC, RoHS, CE compliant. we upgrade harmless accessories. suitable for oily ear,which can be safety to meet different people in different occasions.



Smart Otoscope Ear Cleaner
Smart Otoscope Ear Cleaner

【360° Wide Angle &1296P HD Image】

The professional ear cleaner has 360°wide-angle professional grade lens which allows you to see the real-time images of tiny details inside your ear canal 360°. The endoscope improves clarity while removing the wax residue. It also enhances the accuracy of eliminating every single buildup to make your ears wax-free!

Smart Otoscope Ear Cleaner
Smart Otoscope Ear Cleaner

【Easy to Use & Wide Compatibility 】

Scan QR code on manual ,Download and install the APP on your device, Press and hold the power button on top of device to turn on the ear cleaning rod and then connect WiFi(Name :HNDEC-xxxx) with your device .The APP works with all of Android smartphone / tablet and IOS iPhone / iPad.

【Wide Range of Application】

The product allow you not only check ear canal and clean earwax, help your family member do ear exam, but also check ear for your dog cat. It is also suitable for skin, nose and teeth examination and more.It’s your good home helper.

The NE3 Ear Cleaner is a cutting-edge device engineered for precise ear wax removal. Featuring a high-resolution camera and LED light, it provides clear visualization inside the ear canal for effective cleaning. The wireless otoscope ensures hassle-free operation, eliminating the need for cords or cables. With its smart design, users can easily navigate and control the device, enhancing convenience and comfort during use. The NE3 Ear Cleaner’s advanced technology ensures reliable performance and optimal safety, making it a must-have tool for anyone seeking efficient and thorough ear care.

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