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Stainless Steel Gold Storage Tray

Stainless Steel Gold Storage Tray Fruit Sancks Jewelry Display Plate Kitchen Organizer Tools Metal Seal Clip

Bean Spoon Clip


Exquisite vintage style design.
It can cut thick cloth easily and smoothly, durable in use.
This product is ultra durable for it’s made of high quality Stainless steel.
Attractive appearance, comfortable handfeel, portable and very sharps.
It is suitable for cutting fabric, upholstery, for home or professional use.

Round Bathroom Mirror Smart Makeup LED Mirror

HankiiSink 40CM/650CM/60cm Round Smart Makeup LED Bathroom Mirror 3 Color Adjustable BackLight With Decorative Mirrorg For Hotel Bedroom

Bedroom Furniture Bedside Table Creative Tray Wooden Table Bedside Table Mobile Rack Creative Dormitory Bedside Table Table

Bedroom Furniture Bedside Table Bedside table bedside table creative tray wooden frame bedside table mobile shelf creative dormitory bedroom bedside tableThe width of the side rails of the bed frame is 1.5 cm to 9.5 cm, please measure the side rails of the bed frame to ensure that it fitsCan be used as a snack bedside table, tablet stand, phone stand, specially designed, with a cable slot, can be firmly hooked into a laptop or mobile phone charger for easy useLarge and strong clamp to install the bedside tray without tools, simply hook the tray to the side of the bed frame and tighten all two screws on the back of the tray until it is firmly fixedHold the 15-pound item firmly and keep the 13-inch Macbook, remote and water within reach

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